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High-end 500km Electric Car

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Note: GE11 is a pure electric A-class car that Geely is developing and will be officially launched in the second quarter. The
      "GE11" is a pure electric A-class car that Geely is developing and will be officially launched in the second quarter. The online car market obtained the configuration information of the car from the official Geely. The new car can reach the L2 plus level intelligent driving, and provides two endurance versions. The comprehensive battery life (NEDC working condition) is 410km and 500km respectively, far exceeding the BYD Qin EV and Beiqi New Energy EU5 equivalent. It is understood that the new car is priced at around 200,000 RMB. 

Geely GE11 standard LED headlights, the latest generation of Bosch 9.3 generation ESP system (integrated with 12 sub-functions such as ABS, EBD, TCS, VDC) and exclusive intelligent in-vehicle system (including navigation, entertainment, voice control, remote Multiple functions such as vehicle control). In addition, the new car is also equipped with W-HUD head-up display, RCW rear collision warning system, DOW door opening warning system and intelligent pre-tensioned seat belt RML. 

The 8-inch projection W-HUD system is a highlight of the GE11, which projects a variety of information such as speed, navigation, indicator lights, and Bluetooth phones onto the front windshield. In addition, the new car's L2 plus intelligent driving system uses a camera + millimeter wave radar fusion solution, equipped with AEB automatic emergency braking system, ACC S&G start-stop adaptive smart cruise system. 

In the power part, Geely GE11's Zhiqing pure electric system output energy efficiency can reach 96.5%, matching 61.9kWh and 51.9kWh two high-capacity ternary lithium batteries produced by Ningde era. The new car is also equipped with ITCS battery intelligent temperature control management system, which can achieve extreme cold preheating and high temperature cooling. In addition, GE11 has five charging modes. The standard version can complete 30%-80% charging in 0.5h, and 30%-80% in high-end model 0.55h.

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