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Five Minutes For 80% Charging

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Note: According to foreign media reports, Toni Pich released the first electric model Pich Mark Zero, which combines traditio
       According to foreign media reports, Toni Piëch released the first electric model Piëch Mark Zero, which combines traditional sports car design with innovative powertrain.

The Piëch Mark Zero features a classic hood and a shortened trunk lid design. The battery pack of this model is located in the middle of the seat and on the rear axle, and its seat position is low, which can achieve the ideal sports car gravity. Than design.

The battery pack of this model has achieved a technological leap – charging for 5 minutes and power recovery of nearly 80%. It is not clear what the technology is, but there are no common problems such as battery overheating during charging. The company's battery partners and charging partners are Desten Group and Qingdao TGOOD Electric Co., respectively.

At present, such new batteries or charging infrastructure have not been seen, and the company claims that the fast charging technology has not yet been clearly tested. But if the technology is as advertised, it means that the model's 100-kilometer acceleration takes only 3 seconds and the maximum speed is 155 mph. Toni Piëch has not yet released the price of the Piëch Mark Zero, but the model's output is small and technically high, and its price is expected to be very high.
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