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3D Simulation of Ultralight Rail Vehicle

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Note: WMG demonstrates new ultralight rail vehicles with 3D simulation
       According to foreign media reports, the University of Warwick Manufacturing Engineering School demonstrated a 3D simulation of an innovative Very Light Rail (VLR) vehicle developed for the Coventry City Council.

The VLR is battery-powered and can take up to 50 passengers. It is currently being developed jointly by the University of Warwick's School of anufacturing Engineering and Transport Design International (TDI), while another RDM company in Coventry is planning for the year 2020. Made the first test vehicle.

The ultimate goal of the project is to place autonomous vehicles on the streets of Coventry City for passengers to get on and off. The project received an investment from the UK government's local growth fund, the West Midlands County Integrated Authority (WMCA), Devolution Deal, with a total funding of approximately £15 million.

According to the Coventry City Council, the technology of this electric car does not require overhead cables. For this reason, the introduction cost is cheaper and the difficulty is lower than that of the conventional tram system.

WMG's Darren Hughes said: "The Coventry Light Rail System is innovative and combines multiple technologies across industries to deliver a low-cost, environmentally-friendly, sustainable bus solution for Coventry."

District Council member Jim O'Boyle added: "Coventry has a strong tradition of vehicle manufacturing and the city will continue to lead the way in future transportation. This ultra-light rail vehicle combines driverless and vehicle networking technologies to create a new style. The breakthrough program is designed to meet the transportation needs of the future. The safety and environmental protection of the program will increase, and I hope to continue to provide new jobs for the local people." (This picture is taken from

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