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Tesla Upgrades Car Browser

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Note: According to foreign media reports, Tesla's in-car Internet browser has been one of the most neglected features of Tesl
       According to foreign media reports, Tesla's in-car Internet browser has been one of the most neglected features of Tesla, but the company's CEO, Elon Musk, has been promised Recently improved the browser. Today, Musk said Tesla will update the car browser to the Google Chromium browser.

Last year, Tesla upgraded the car media computer on the new Model S and Model X models, and now Tesla owners have received a central display with significantly improved response speed.

Tesla has been making more improvements to its in-vehicle software with more powerful hardware. However, Musk said that the company still plans to update to improve the experience of Tesla's old car owners, especially the Internet browser experience.

Previous browsers used by Tesla cars were very slow and often failed to render websites properly. According to reports, less than 30% of Tesla owners have used car Internet browsers.

Tesla initially planned to update the car internet browser in December 2016, but the plan was postponed several times as the company focused on developing software for the Autopilot 2.0 and Model 3 models of the autopilot system.

about a year ago, Tesla finally released the first update browser, but its performance has only slightly improved, and still can barely be used. Now, Musk said Tesla will soon upgrade its in-car Internet browser to the Google Chromium browser.

Chromium is an open source web browser developed by Google that provides most of the code for Google Chrome. In addition, the browser has also begun to enter other browsers (other browsers also use Chromium's open source code), Microsoft confirmed that they are rewriting the Edge browser based on Chromium browser to improve Edge compatibility.

Tesla did not provide a clear time to update the car browser, but Musk said it would be implemented.

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