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Global Longest Electric Bus

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Note: the release of world's longest electric bus
       On April 1st, BYD released a K2A, the world's longest double-hinged pure electric bus called “New Energy Train” at its Shenzhen headquarters. The car is like a "dragon", its listing will change the traditional concept of bus in the minds of people and the history of the industry. 

The BYD K12A pure electric bus consists of three compartments. The interior is designed with a stepless all-pass floor and seven passenger doors are available. It can well meet the operational needs of BRT fast passengers on the high platform.

The K12A pure electric bus adopts a new design. The whole car is beautiful in appearance, atmospheric, full and front, giving passengers a good visual experience. The interior is matched with the same color, simple and beautiful, the roof is made of through-light strips, and the lighting effect is good and rich. Contains a sense of technology.

In terms of product positioning, BYD K12A is a pure electric and large-capacity bus passenger car tailored for the global BRT system. It is the longest pure electric bus in the world. As a 27-meter-long double-hinged bus, the K12A can last for 300 kilometers with a single charge, with a full load of 250 people and a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour.

According to reports, this K12A pure electric bus adopts all-aluminum body structure. This lightweight design is effective in reducing the body frame, which is beneficial to increase the cruising range of the vehicle and has good corrosion resistance. Compared with the traditional steel body, the life is longer. It can be improved for 2-3 years; the car is equipped with BYD core battery, motor and electronic control technology, safe and reliable; charging, K12A is equipped with DC and AC dual charging ports, the two ways can be switched at will, to meet customer needs, charging The time is 2.5-3.5 hours.

Xiao Bian learned that this K12A pure electric bus has lower operating costs and larger traffic volume: the construction cost of the BRT system involved in K12A is lower than that of the subway, and the traffic per unit time is larger than that of the ordinary bus fleet. The quantity, the average bus team needs 3 drivers, is a product that combines cost and transportation efficiency. In addition, because BRT operates on a proprietary route, it can effectively alleviate urban congestion and improve transportation efficiency.

In terms of safety, the K12A pure electric bus is equipped with four wheel-side drive motors. Even if one of them fails, the vehicle can operate normally, ensuring maximum driving safety. In addition, the battery is placed on the chassis, which also enhances driving stability.

Since the release of the “Urban Bus Electrification” solution in 2010, BYD has taken the lead in promoting pure electric buses throughout the country. Nowadays, BYD's product quality has been recognized by the domestic and overseas markets with the continuous improvement of the whole industry chain and product solutions, the leading core technology of new energy vehicles, and the constant overcoming of 20,000 engineers. This time, BYD once again understands the needs of overseas markets and innovatively launched this ultra-long pure electric bus, which has contributed to the further development of the new energy bus industry.

Three highlights to overcome the operational problems of ultra-long pure electric bus

So, what are the technical characteristics of this 27-meter long double-hinged pure electric bus? Can these technical features solve the operational problems of climbing and turning of ultra-long pure electric buses?

According to reports, the highlight of this K12A is the use of a distributed four-wheel drive system, which can solve the problem of vehicle climbing and turning. The system can easily switch between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive at any time to meet the driving needs of different terrains while reducing the energy consumption of the entire vehicle. The distributed four-wheel drive system consists of two wheel drive axles with a total of four drive motors. When the vehicle is driving on the ground, the single-bridge drive saves energy; when climbing the slope, it can be switched to the double-bridge drive to enhance the power and ensure the climbing demand without affecting the overall comfort and ride experience.

Wheel drive axle and wheel drive motor, as BYD's "traditional strength", can achieve stepless speed change, high transmission efficiency, fast response, low loss; plus wheel drive technology without gearbox, drive shaft and differential The structure is more compact; the regenerative braking can be realized, and the maximum feedback torque of regenerative braking is much higher than the feedback torque allowed by the conventional transaxle.

The second highlight of the K12A is the intelligent integrated design. The car is not only equipped with an intelligent management system, it is responsible for the entire electrical system control, integrating intelligence, security and reliability. It is also equipped with a smart key, which can be intelligently identified and activated with one button to improve vehicle convenience and anti-theft security. With intelligent charging function, when the battery voltage is too low, the power battery will automatically charge it to ensure the normal use of the vehicle.

The third highlight is the battery thermal management system equipped with the K12A. It is reported that K12A can realize intelligent monitoring of power battery temperature. When it reaches 35 degrees Celsius, it will automatically start the battery thermal management system to cool the battery and make it work in the proper temperature range to ensure that the battery can play under different ambient temperatures. Out of optimal performance. In high-temperature environments, or under continuous operation, the thermal management system can effectively slow down the battery capacity, extend battery life, and maximize vehicle cruising range. In addition, the thermal management system can optimize charging time, and the K12A has an independent thermal management host to minimize the risk of thermal runaway and ensure battery safety.

Activity scene

After nearly ten years of development, BYD pure electric bus has become a world-famous brand, covering more than 50 countries and regions including China, the United States, Britain, Japan, Australia, France, and more than 300 cities for four consecutive years. (2015-2018) won the global sales champion.

This time, the birth of the world's longest pure electric bus, BYD commercial vehicles are step by step, promoting the development of global bus electrification.

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