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Over 80 Vehicles Delivered

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2019-04-09  Source:Zhenxu  Author:Chen Hu  Browse number:516
Note: Breaking News!"Made in Shiyan" special vehicle went to the North&South China.
      On December 2nd, the special vehicle delivery ceremony was held in the new factory area of Hubei Zhenxu Vehicle and Ship Technology Co., Ltd. In Xicheng Development Zone, Zhangwan District,Shiyan city. A group of Shiyan special-purpose vehicles that have just been manufactured have been shipped to Beijing and Guangdong. Many car dealers across the nationwide witnessed this moment.
      It is known that the special vehicles delivered to customers in this time have a total of more than 80 vehicles, all of which are produced by Hubei Zhenxu Vehicle and Ship Technology Co., Ltd.
      Industry-specific vehicles are a new force that is rapidly emerging in the automotive field. In 2017, China's autos grew by 2% overall, while the growth rate of special-purpose vehicles reached 30%, which is 15 times the growth of the entire industry. With the rapid development of China's economy, the degree of specialization is getting higher and higher, and the demand for professional-purpose vehicles in various fields has increased dramatically.
      Hubei Zhenxu Vehicle & Ship Technology Co., Ltd. is a young special-purpose vehicle manufacturer. With strong R&D and design capabilities, it has been rapidly developed in recent years. The three series of “Zhengyuan” maintenance vehicles, rescue vehicles and command vehicles developed and produced by the company have won unanimous praise from industry customers. The company has developed three series of special-purpose car products, more than 30 models, and has formed a high reputation in the industry.
      The Shiyan special-purpose vehicle is being driven to the factory gate and sent to Beijing, Guangdong and other places.
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