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SMQG1630S Portal Slewing Crane

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Brand: SANY
Hoisting capacity: 16t
Radius: 9.5-30m
Rail span: 10.5m
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Min.Order: 1
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: china
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SANY SMQG series portal slewing cranes with double link jib system are available with rated hoisting capacity of 16t, radius of 30/33/35/37m, rail span of 10.5/12/16m. Maximum hoisting speed is up to 60m/min, luffing speed 50m/min, gantry speed 26m/min, and slewing speed from 1.0 to1.5rpm.

Intelligent and efficient

Full automatic tracking for spreader slewing

Slewing angle of the crane and position of the slewing motor is sent to the spreader by real time control and intelligent compensation algorithm. The spreader will move in the same angle speed in opposite to counteract the angle of crane slewing.

Grab track recording

Data of the grab in one or more cycle (wire rope lowering distance, slewing angle, luffing angle, wire rope lowering distance, accelerating and decreasing time) are optimized based on the recorded data for the grab to repeat the movement automatically.

Safe and reliable

Over hoisting prevention for hook

When the hook is lifted to the limit height, control relays enable control box on the buzzer alarm. Ascending motion stops and only descending is allowed. This device protects the lifting mechanism effectively, ensuring high efficiency safe protection.

Speed protection for hoisting mechanism

Acceleration of hoisting points are calculated and sub protection is set for our crane to predict the over speed trend and avoid the obvious crush. Hardware over speed switch is applied for double protection.

Energy-saving and environmental friendly

Energy recycling technology

Active inverter technology is applied to transfer the stored dynamic power and potential power into electricity and be recycled to the grid. Moreover, it can resist the pollution to grid from higher harmonic voltage, thus increasing the power factor of the equipment.

Intelligent low voltage capacitor compensation

Full automatic resonance eliminating reactive power compensation device is configured to achieve the average power factor above 0.9 or more, which improves electricity efficiency and reduce wire consumption.

Manufacture and delivery

Top manufacturing

Complete processing equipment for steel pretreatment, cutting, bending forming, and semi-automatic car welding of H-beam is applied to shorten the welding cycle of stay bar system and M-house base by over 30%. UT qualification rate is over 99%.

Coating and preassembly

Super large parts blasting, component painting and assembling can be processed inside the factory, guarantee the production cycle and product quality.

Delivery cycle

The manufacture cycle of portal slewing crane from material preparation to delivery status is shortened by 60 days than before, above the average in the industry.


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