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Competitive electric cargo truck van new energy with cheap price and fine performance

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Brand: Electric Bull
Total Mass: 2050kg
Driving Range: 300km
Max Speed: 100km/h
Price: US $18900/set-$22123/set
Min.Order: 1 set
Delivery: Shipment within 30 days since the date of payment
Address: china
Valid until: 2019-09-11
Updated on: 2019-04-01 17:11
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 Appearance value
U-shaped tiger face front face design rounded stretch
The color coating process technology is full of modern sense
Front atmosphere lights blue light shape cool

A leader, a new vision


All-aluminum dynamic rim, more stable driving

Two vertical and eight horizontal military chassis equipped with heavy trucks, durable and capable of carrying more than other models of the same class

Streamer water drop headlights, avant-garde design interpretation of the classic, giving the electric cow fashion temperament


               Simple and elegant


The overall design of the interior is beige, simple and generous

Green and environmental protection, zero emissions, no pollution, driving, and moving forward

Not driving limit,no license plate limit, road rights represent the future, only 0.07RMB per kilometer

Easy to Control


Automatic transmission,convenient for your driving

Equipped with S gear,control your speed easily

                  New technology, high experience


Permanent magnet synchronous motor peaks up to 60kw

HAC uphill accessibility

7+8 inch double diaphragm vacuum booster

EPS electronic power steering, give you the wisdom of the steering wheel, flexible support left and right

Convenient charging
Equipped with two charging modes: fast charge and slow charge
Charging for two hours, restoring power
Slow charging for 6-8 hours, the household socket can be charged

New safety benchmark


Equipped with AC asynchronous motor, the highest power and maximum torque are 45Kw and 160N•m respectively

Car GPS positioning navigation system and reversing image parking system

EPO emergency power-off device allows you to sense the road while you are on the road, smarter and safer

HHC ramp assist system, so that the electric bull No. 2 on the 20% slope as a flat, easy to deal with various complex road conditions in the city, the road to wealth is unimpeded


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